1.Will you customize the order? How much will it cost?

    Yes, we can customize an order as per your needs. A quotation will be provided based on the size, material used and shipping address.

2.Do you accept religious orders for a temple, church, etc.?

    Yes, we have experienced artisans who specialize in religious sculptures. These artisans have been working with religious places across India for over a decade.

3.Will you sculpt if we bring the materials to Canada for you?

    Regrettably not, since our artisans and manufacturing unit is located in South India. We source the raw material ourselves, however, we can customize the order using a material of your choice.

4.Do you deal with materials like panchalokha, silver, bronze, etc.?

    Yes, we do. We do not keep these in stock here in Canada and the U.S., but we take orders for customized products using these materials

5.Will you do the installation either inside or outside the premises?

    You will have to arrange your own contractors to install the product.

6.Is there a warranty period?

    There is no warranty period. We are liable only until delivery of this product at your doorstep.

7.Is there an exchange offer?

    There is no exchange offer.

8.How long will it take to customize an order?

    t depends on the complexity, size and material used. However, an approximate timeline would be between three and six months to complete and deliver the product.

9.I damaged the product accidentally. Will you help repair it?

    Since our artisans reside in India and are subject to Canadian and U.S. Immigration visa policies, we do not have the facility to help you repair the product.

10.Are there any special maintenance instructions?

    We will email maintenance instructions when you purchase the product from us. You can also reach out to us by email if you have any further questions.