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  1. Beautiful Elephant Figurine

    Antique Elephant Figurine for every environment Learn More

    Length: 20 cms | Breadth: 10 cms | Height: 16 cms

    • Add a touch of charm to any home with this fantastic elephant figurine
    • Made from terracotta, this figurine can be used as a decoration piece or as a gift to a loved one
    • Recall an era of safari expeditions with this Ollie elephant sculpture
  2. Spiral Bell

    Cone work spiral bell for perfect gifting purpose Learn More

    Length: 28 cms | Breadth: 24 cms | Height: 17 cms

    • Create a peaceful ambience at home with mellow sounds of this hand-painted bell
    • The fine quality of the bell produces a harmonious euphony to enhance the mind
    • It is a great choice for one’s own home or a gift for near & dear ones
    • It's decorated using multi-coloured hand-painted strokes
  3. Rope Bell

    Decorative rope bell for a home or office use Learn More
    • The sound of a bell is considered auspicious which welcomes Gods and removes evil
    • The sound of this rope bell will disengage the mind from ongoing thoughts thus making the mind more receptive
    • The bell along with its natural rope will add splendour to the house decor collection
  4. Pot Type 2

    Decorative pot handmade from clay Learn More
    • Enhanced with multiple hand painted strokes and patterns, this pot shall give the living room decor a fresh makeover
    • Give the living space a unique appeal with this traditional vase that features a natural design on the surface and comes in an abstract shape
    • Keep it in the living room to impart an exotic aura across your home front
  5. Pot Type 1

    Handcrafted pot for decorative purposes Learn More
    • Add some floral fun to the home decor with a pretty clay pot made from high quality clay
    • This decor can add more brightness to one’s living room
  6. Kumkum Chimil

    Traditional Kumkum Chimil to hold kumkum for religious purposes Learn More
    • This simple kumkum chimil has its roots deep in Indian traditions
    • Its design is made to look traditional yet stylish and is an inspiration from the day's of royal touch
    • It can be used for religious worship of Gods & Goddesses
    • Its use and utility are evident along with the fact that it is an ideal gift for a dear one
  7. Ganesha Music Set

    Set of Ganesha statues displaying different musical instruments Learn More
    • These Ganesha figurines add a sophisticated charm to one’s home with its elegance
    • It imparts a luxurious outlook to the home decor and adds a refined touch to the home front
    • This auspicious pair of musical Ganesha idols brings charm and grace to an individual's office and home
    • This set is a perfect gift for loved ones
  8. Angry Bird Piece

    Angry bird figurine as a showpiece in any decor collection Learn More
    • Bringing fun and frolic to one’s home is this angry bird figurine that has been crafted to add an artistic flair to homes
    • Place it in the living room or kids room and let the fun-filled design enhance the overall appeal with leaps and bounds
  9. Square Set

    Square set of 3 showpieces perfect for any home Learn More

    Length: 10 Cms | Breadth: 4 Cms | Height: 17 Cms

    • These set of 3 showpieces are designed to spruce up the look of any room
    • They are perfectly styled with care and detail
    • They also have interesting colour and shape to provide you with the one-stop-shop for home decor
  10. Elephant Agal (Large)

    Elephant agal for home decor collection Learn More
    • Lighting up the glow of your personal space with its elephant design, this agal spreads a soothing light
    • With an enticing clay finish, it brings back a traditional look into the scene
    • This elephant-shaped agal help in creating a pleasant ambience
    • Add some sparkle to the living room or prayer room with these elephant shaped agals
    • This is sure to add glam and light to any home

Items 1 to 10 of 215 total

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