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  1. Two designer tin boxes in an elegant gift box
  2. Beautiful Elephant Figurine

    Antique Elephant Figurine for every environment Learn More

    Length: 20 cms | Breadth: 10 cms | Height: 16 cms

    • Add a touch of charm to any home with this fantastic elephant figurine
    • Made from terracotta, this figurine can be used as a decoration piece or as a gift to a loved one
    • Recall an era of safari expeditions with this Ollie elephant sculpture
  3. Spiral Bell

    Cone work spiral bell for perfect gifting purpose Learn More

    Length: 28 cms | Breadth: 24 cms | Height: 17 cms

    • Create a peaceful ambience at home with mellow sounds of this hand-painted bell
    • The fine quality of the bell produces a harmonious euphony to enhance the mind
    • It is a great choice for one’s own home or a gift for near & dear ones
    • It's decorated using multi-coloured hand-painted strokes
  4. Kumkum Chimil

    Traditional Kumkum Chimil to hold kumkum for religious purposes Learn More
    • This simple kumkum chimil has its roots deep in Indian traditions
    • Its design is made to look traditional yet stylish and is an inspiration from the day's of royal touch
    • It can be used for religious worship of Gods & Goddesses
    • Its use and utility are evident along with the fact that it is an ideal gift for a dear one
  5. Ganesha Music Set

    Set of Ganesha statues displaying different musical instruments Learn More
    • These Ganesha figurines add a sophisticated charm to one’s home with its elegance
    • It imparts a luxurious outlook to the home decor and adds a refined touch to the home front
    • This auspicious pair of musical Ganesha idols brings charm and grace to an individual's office and home
    • This set is a perfect gift for loved ones
  6. Sangu T-Light\

    Sangu candle holder will bring the right light vibes to one's house Learn More

    Length: 12 Breadth: 9 Height: 9

    • This Shankh shaped candle holder with a fusion between ethnic and modern is an amp choice to gift someone in the inner circle
    • With its fine shape and construction, this candle holder injects a shot of ethnic exuberance to its surroundings
    • Enhance the living room with this shankh shaped candle decor
    • It pumps up a vibrant ambience in one’s home theme
  7. Agal Hut

    A hut shaped decoration piece which is suitable to light diyas or candles Learn More

    Length: 9 Cms | Breadth: 9 Cms | Height: 15 Cms

    • Spread true joy and love during festivals with this agal hut
    • A lamp signifies the driving away of darkness by the spreading of light
    • Spread the light and love with the help of these hut shaped decoration pieces
    • They are unique in design and that is what stands out and spreads the joy of festivals
    • They make an ideal gift
  8. Rope Bell - Type 1

    Rope bell made of cone work to hang anywhere in the house Learn More
    • This unique and beautiful rope bell is a marvellous piece of art
    • This design goes back to the traditional times and is simple looking and very graceful
    • Add this to your cart and get ready to welcome the subtle sounds it brings to your home
    • It can be used at home or can be a gift to a friend and relatives on a special occasion like housewarming and festivals
  9. Standard Bell - Type 3

    Large Cone work bell as a decoration or gift Learn More
    • This decorative bell has been made to enhance the grandeur of the house entrance and interiors
    • The beautiful finish of this eye-catching showpiece is sure to make an attractive style statement to the home decor or taste in gifs
    • It perfectly exhibits love for pretty things in the most beautiful way
  10. Mini Bell Type 3

    A mini bell which is hand painted with vibrant colours Learn More

    Length: 8 Cms | Breadth: 8 Cms | Height: 14 Cms (Including the rope) 9.5 Cms (without a rope)

    • On a special day, gift a loved one this special mini bell
    • It has a colourful finish from the hand-painted strokes and is designed to give a subtle pleasing sound
    • Such bells are considered as a source of good fortune & good luck

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